Nilfisk Buddy II wet and dry vacuum cleaner

11.08.2014 09:00

Nilfisk Buddy II - a small, lightweight and compact helper when it comes to vacuuming wet and dry debris - indoor, outdoor and in the small workshop. Nilfisk is offering 4 new models with different features in a smart design with a robust container. 

Buddy II 12 Buddy II 18 Buddy II 18 Inox Buddy II 18 T

Nilfisk Buddy II comes with 12 and 18 litres container volumen.

  • The 18 Inox model has a robust and corrosion-free stainless steel container.
  • "T" model is equipped with a socket for eletric power tools.
  • Nozzle with clip-on rubber and brush strips. Perfect for vacuuming all kinds of dirt. 

All models are delivered as standard with:

  • A microfibre filter bag that does not break when picking up wet and dry debris.
  • A blow function which is ideal for blowing up inflatable garden swimming pools, air mattresses, rubber boats etc.
  • Two castors and two wheels ensure good stability and manoeuvrability.

    All 4 models have a 1200 watt motor with a high air flow ensuring perfect vacuuming of dust and wet debris. You find everything in the box to start working right away.  

Lightweight Power outlet for electric tools
Key features:
  • Leightweight model that is easy to carry around 
  • 1200 Watt motor that picks up wet and dry debris
  • Two wheels and two castors ensure good stability
  • Socket for power tools on Nilfisk Buddy II 18 T
  • Microfibre filter bag does not break if you suck-up wet debris
  • Wet and dry filter protects the motor: Longer lifetime
  • Large userfriendly on/off button
  • Blow function is a perfect feature to blow up garden swimming pools
  • 1,9 m Ø36 mm suction hose with regulation of suction power
    (Nilfisk Buddy II 12/18/18 Inox)
  • 4,0 m Ø36 mm suction hose with regulation of suction power 
    (Nilfisk Buddy II 18 T)
  • Swivel on suction hose
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy transport
  • Smart and quick change of accessories
  • Accessory holder